What Do You Fancy?

We have grab bags suited to everyone. With a mix of flavours or one big bag of your favourite, Jessica’s Sweets are a delicious treat for occasions or simple pleasures; they make great gifts too! Our grab bag sweets are made up of hand-selected favourites and flavours that work well together. Our chocolate mix grab bag contains both milk and white chocolate and we also do large grab bags of chocolate bites for those of you who know which flavours will satisfy your cravings.

Grab Bag Sweets for all Occasions

Our grab bags are great for occasions like birthdays or party bags, or baby showers! Below are our ranges and great ideas for occasions they’d be great for…

Tongue Painter Grab Bag- You might just be a big kid and enjoy some colourful flavours that rub off on your tongue, or you know your kids will enjoy a blue lolly that turns their mouth a different colour. Jessica’s Sweets has a fun, silly supply of tongue painters in one grab bag. A variety of sweets come in this bag that you can enjoy together.

Halloween Grab Bag – A spooky special that comes around in autumn each year. We provide the scary, gruesome and delicious trick-or-treat sweets that bring the festivities to life. Shop our Halloween grab bag sweets for an extra special Halloween.

Pink or Blue Grab Bags- Our coloured ranges are available for any occasion! Got a baby shower you want to celebrate? A themed party? Or perhaps you just love pink or blue colours? Shop them online today and grab a handful of delicious flavours. We also sell an all pink beans grab bag here.

Vegan & Halal Grab Bags We provide sweets for everyone, which means there are still plenty for those with dietary requirements too. With our halal and vegan grab bags, you can share them with everyone.

To Fizz or Not to Fizz?- If you like a fizzy sweet that tickles your tongue, then you’ll love our fizzy grab bag sweets! With a sugary coating and sour taste, our fizzy treats are delicious and moorish. We do a no fizz bag as well as a mix of the two so you have a wide selection to dip into.

Cables or Pencils Grab Bags- Whichever long and windy cable flavours you love, we can provide a grab bag for you. Whether you want a mix of fizzy, or non-fizzy, select your preferred flavours online.

Why Jessica’s Sweets Grab Bags?

Grab bag sweets are something everyone can enjoy, and while they are available in stores, they can often be expensive or low on the flavours you’ve been craving. At Jessica’s Sweets, our online shop or stores are stocked with everything in one place and we provide speedy delivery so that you can order from home and have your treats arrive on your doorstep.

Visit our Stores and we'll welcome you with our friendly staff who can help you find the flavours you love or recommend something new to you.

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Give us a call if you can't find what you need, or speak to us in-store about our ranges, our ingredients and allergen information.