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Pick ‘n’ Mix Grab Bags


What is better than sweets? Sweets in large quantities. am I right? We think so and not just down to whimsical thought but from the facts. Here at Jessica’s we like to think we have mastered the perfect deal, we have created 9 mixes in 1kg forms and decided to sell our Pick ‘n’ Mix Grab Bags 2 for £10! That’s 2kg of Pick ‘n’ Mix in your preferred mix (or mixes). The Grab Bag range includes; No Fizz, With Fizz, Just Fizz, Chocolate, Pink Mix, Blue Mix, Classic Mix and even two Vegan Grab Bags in the form of No Fizz and Just Fizz. All available to be mix and matched to cater to as many as possible!

So if you’re planning a party, sleepover or a cosy night in these Pick ‘n’ Mix Grab Bags are the perfect snack choice! Not only can you cater to specific needs but if you cant stomach the 2kg of delicious sweets, they come in resealable bags ensuring freshness whenever your feeling peckish! You can shop them here: