Mystery Grab Bag 1kg

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Hand Picked Mystery 1kg of your Favourite Sweets

\nWe are so excited to present to you our 'mystery grab bag'. Picked by Jessica's Sweets in our very own warehouse. Each grab bag selected, comes with 1kg of yummy sweeties in a resealable food grade stand up pouch, that is also recyclable. \n

The mystery is yours to choose from

\nWe can understand that the pressure is on when you have to pick your favourite treats from our a fantastic wide selection at Jessica's Sweets Shop. You may be buying a gift for someone that loves sweets and you just want to surprise them with some fun, tasty treats! We do all the picking and packing for you and you can even niche your choices down with the following mystery bag options: \n

No Fizzy Sweets

\nFor the sweet lovers that can't handle the tang... \n

Just Fizz

\nJust fizzy sweets for sour and tangy sweets sensation lovers... \n

Fizz and No Fizz

\nA fun mix of both fizzy and non fizzy sweets for you non fussy sweet lovers... \n \nThis Grab Bag is full of mystery, so if you're feeling adventurous? Let us do the choosing for you! \n

Pick & Pack with us on Tik Tok

\nWe have a huge following of 104K and growing on Tik Tok with a massive 1.4 million likes. Our page features the Jessica's Sweets team filling up your favourite grab bags, taste testing your products and getting to know the team. \n \nClick HERE to view our Tik Tok Page \n

More Grab Bags

\nWe have a great range of grab bags at Jessica's Sweets, perfect for party bags, stocking up your treat drawer or movie night snacks. \n \nTo view more of our grab bag range, click HERE.

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