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What are retro sweets?

Do you reminisce about the past, thinking of all those things that remind you of happy times and bygone days when you were growing up?

Think back to the days when traditional sweet shops existed. A whole shop dedicated to selling hundreds of sweets, all standing to attention, row by row in their jars up high on the shelves. As a young child, you looked at all those sweets in wonder, fascinated by the variety and colours and counting your pennies after school to see how many you could buy?

Those memories can still be a reality thanks to the Retro Sweets range at Jessica’s Sweet Shop.

Retro sweets are traditional, old-fashioned sweets that you used to see in those sweet shops when you were younger when you chose what you wanted and had them weighed on those big metal scales and put into white paper bags.

Here at Jessica’s Sweet Shop, we stock a wide variety of retro sweets – think back to the days of flying saucers, fruit salads, shrimps and bananas, cola bottles, and much more. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your sofa, you can order them all and more here and have them delivered straight to your door! Pick and mix heaven, Yum!!

Bring the past back to life and take a trip down memory lane with our Retro Sweet range today.