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What sweets were popular in the 1980s?

We all love a throwback and the 80’s is no exception!

An iconic decade that bought us crazy fashion, way out hairstyles, electro-pop and classic films with the likes of ET and Ghostbusters but most importantly the 80s bought us some of our all time favourite retro sweets that we could never forget.

Take a trip down memory lane with Jessica’s sweets and try some of the most popular sweets of the 80s that we stock.

Anglo Bubbly – Still retro pink, with it’s original pear flavour, this bubble gum favourite was the leader of the pack for those bubble blowing skills.

Aniseed Balls – Hard shiny balls of rich, strong aniseed deliciousness.

Black jacks – The distinctive black chew that you either loved or hated but still enjoyed the fun of having a black tongue to stick out to your friends.

Parma violets –  Delicately flavoured perfumed violet flavoured sweets – is there any other sweet which can divide opinions and polarises people so much – a love or hate relationship.

Love hearts – As popular today as they have ever been – each crunchy, fizzy sweet imprinted with a cheesy chat up line, romantic message or popular saying inside of a heart for all those romantics and best friends out there!

Candy letters – Never mind alphabetti spaghetti, we had much more fun with these sweet letters!

Drumstick lollies – Who could ever forget the drumstick lolly with its distinctive wrapper. A chewy, fruity and creamy favourite of raspeberry and milk flavour. These are just as tasty now as they were back in the 80’s, giving you a real blast from the past!

Mr Tom brittle bar – seriously nutty brittle goodness.

Chupa Chups melody pops – Who could forgot the iconic sweet that played a tune and tasted so good at the same time. Sweet music magic!

Kola cubes – rich cola flavour, a chewy centre and sugar coating, what is there not to like?

White mice – small creamy delicious white chocolate flavour shaped mice. Squeek squeek!

Cola bottles – squishy cola flavoured jelly goodness which you pretended to drink before you ate them, glug, glug!

Butter scotch – rich, buttery, creamy and sweet. A staple to every family holiday car journey in the 80s.

The list of our favourite 80s sweets is endless so why not visit our selection of retro sweets, boiled sweets and pick and mix favourites here to view more and remember how good these timeless classics are.

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