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What sweets were popular in the 90s?

When it comes to Retro Sweets, the 90’s provided us with some of the most iconic staples, that are still making our mouths water today! Luckily for all you 90’s babies out there, here at Jessica’s Sweet Shop we continue to work our sweet magic to get our hands on your firm favourites that are a rare find.

As huge sweet fanatics here, we could devour them all, but which ones were your favourite during the 90’s? Here are some reminders…….

Wham bar – Amazingly tangy raspberry fruit bar – a mix of pure sugary goodness and that sour tang we love .

White candy sticks – They tasted good and they also made you come across as the world’s biggest rebel when you pretended they were cigarettes.

Millions – How many could you get in your mouth at once? The ultimate 90s contest of deliciousness.

Rainbow drops – You almost felt healthy eating this sweet treat. Light small puffs of coloured rice. The crackle of the packet and the satisfying taste of the rainbow.

Shrimps – These foamy sweets really shouldn’t have been nice but somehow, they just were. A staple of every pick n mix bag.

Flying saucers – Light rice paper discs filled with a sherbet surprise that made your mouth water. Melt in the mouth magic!

Refreshers – The lemon ones were good and the strawberry ones were AMAZING. The best sugar rush!

Candy jewellery – You could wear them, you could ping them like catapults and you could even eat them. Confectionery multi-tasking.

Sherbet Fountain – A packet of sweet heaven! Is there a better way to scoop up sherbert than dipping liqorice into it?

Hubba Bubba – The tape rolls fitted perfectly in your pocket ready for those bubble blowing being ‘cool’ moments.

Fizz Whizz – A sprinkle of this candy on your tongue and a flavour filled popping party started in your mouth.

Why not try them all again to remind yourself of your favourite? Visit our shop here to view our wide selection of retro sweets, pick and mix sweets and american sweets uk available