Tubs, Bags, Jars

What are you looking for when you’re searching ‘bulk buy sweets’? Jessica’s Sweets have our bulk sweets available in tubs, bags or jars so that you can look forward to digging into something sweet for months to come.


Chocolate Pink Jazzles Hearts, white chocolate Jazzies Stars, candy crave fizzy assorted rings and oh so many more! Whether you’re after chocolate, fizzy sweets, chewy sweets or a handful of flavours that can be found in jelly beans or gummy bears, we have tubs and tubs of ranges that will satisfy all your cravings.


Know what you like? Buy your favourite flavours in our bulk buy sweets collection. Save money in the long run with our big bags of treats. We have flavours like cherry lips, cola bottles, fizzy blue bottles, jelly worms and Bebeto fried eggs. Everyone can dig into your bulk buy sweets or you can store them away to last you for as long as you like.

Sweet Jars

Our sweet jars are great for countertops so you or visitors can dip into them. Enjoy a lollipop? We have flavours so sweet, you won’t be able to resist. Raspberry ripple, candy floss, buttered popcorn and many more. Buy our bulk buy sweets in jars for your business, home or parties. Celebrate occasions or simply treat yourself to nostalgic flavours and sticky treats. Order online today!

Why Order in Bulk with Jessica’s Sweets?

Cost Savings: Bulk buy sweets are cheaper than buying the same quantity individually. You can have more for less!

Convenience: Bulk orders are convenient for stocking up on your favourite sweets, snacks, or treats. This can be especially beneficial for events, parties, or occasions where many treats are needed. It’s also time-saving as you won’t have to make frequent orders.

Business and Events: For businesses, event planners, or individuals organising large gatherings, ordering in bulk from Jessica's Sweets can be a practical solution. It ensures that there's an ample supply of delicious treats to meet the needs of a diverse group of people.

Order from Jessica’s Sweets Online Today

Our extensive selection of sweet treats includes renowned and iconic brands such as Haribo, Maoam, sweetzone and many others. Additionally, we take pride in offering a diverse array of sugary delights not commonly found in the UK, thanks to our extensive range of American imports that are sure to delight your taste buds.


Whether it's seasonal festivities like Christmas and Easter or significant events such as weddings or smaller celebrations like Mother's Day, we're always well-prepared with a variety of options to meet your confectionery needs. Shop bulk buy sweets with us!

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If you fancy a trip into our stores, we are open in Hereford, Worcester, Cheltenham and many more…We’d be happy to serve you in person and assist you in finding what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to send us a message too if you’re looking for something specific or wish to know information for allergies.