Halloween candy is a popular and traditional part of the Halloween celebration in many countries. it has become a cherished tradition to give out sweets to children who go trick-or-treating, and to participate in the festive atmosphere with friends and family. Indulge in your Halloween candy favourites with Jessica’s Sweets, it's an occasion to enjoy some sweet treats, whether you're giving them to others or enjoying them yourself.

halloween candy

Halloween Sweet Treats

Up your Halloween candy game this year with even more spooky, gruesome and sweet treats for your trick or treaters, or your guests. With eyeballs, devils and gummy pumpkins, you can enhance your Halloween experience. Why not purchase a treat for yourself and get a Spooky grab bag?

Whether your Halloween plans involve socialising or sitting in and watching horror films alone, you should give in to your cravings and try some different flavours and textures. Our sour flavours will pinch your cheeks and fizzy sweets will leave you craving more. Bend your halo a little this October and dip into our Halloween candy.  

halloween candy

Packing Videos

Interested in watching us pack our Halloween candy orders? We post our packing videos on TikTok, sharing what everyone has been loving and ordering this October. Head over to our TikTok, and request when you order, for yours to be filmed. We love sharing our products and packing them for you with care. Order online today! 

Pick and Mix

Pick your Halloween candy mix with our Pick and Mix range. Why settle for one flavour when you can have as many as you want? This Halloween, Jessica’s Sweets condones trying as many flavours as you like because it’s as good a time as any to dig your teeth into gummy, chewy Halloween candy. Try our Dracula teeth and spook your friends, or share our zombie sour patch kids. If you’re opting to decorate your house and dress up for this festive season, but something feels like it’s missing, then stock up on your Halloween sweets to complete the feeling.

halloween candy

Visit Us

Order all the Halloween candy you like online, or visit us in-store too! We are based in Hereford and Worcester city centres and would love to assist you in selecting your spooky treats.