You can’t say no to Halloween sweets and Jessica’s Sweets are here to provide for a Halloween in for spooktacular, mouth-watering treats. From nostalgic classics to daring new concoctions, you’ll be feeling devilish as you feast on our selection of Halloween candy. It’s too tempting, you’ll have to be a little naughty this October.

Having a Halloween Party?

Jessica’s Sweets love any excuse or holiday celebration to top up on the sweet platters. Our Halloween sweets add something gruesome and spooky to make Halloween more festive! If you’ve got a Halloween party coming up, our sweet platters are great for leaving on the food table, for trick or treaters and for snacking on while sharing ghost stories with friends.


Spooky Night in?

Perhaps you prefer a less sociable evening with a horror film and a bundle of blankets to hide behind. A sweet platter filled with Halloween sweets could keep you company. A frightening night calls for a sugary feast and our pick-your-mix platters can be customised to your liking, so your comfort flavours will get you through the haunting movie marathon you have planned.

We have a range of flavours, textures, shapes, colours and sour options so that everyone has their pick. If you want some more Halloween-themed treats, our Halloween range can provide you with festive fun. munch on some gummy Pumpkins, dig your teeth into some vampire’s teeth, get gruesome with some bloody eyes!

Trick or Treating

If you enjoy handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters, you can offer them a selection of Halloween sweets with our sweet platters. With a variety of sweets, there will be so many to choose from, or if you’re feeling generous, handing out one of each flavour to the little tricksters could make their trick-and-treat experience extra special. Give them a spook with a handful of jelly-filled brains and a cackling laugh!

Carving Treats

Halloween isn’t just for kids! Treat yourself to some candy this October. Pumpkin carving is fun and the whole family can get involved and creative. Having some Halloween treats to nibble on while you make your masterpiece is just an added touch to a special Halloween. Carve out some grinning faces and maybe even incorporate your sweets into your creative project. Your pumpkin could be puking or bleeding candy!

Contact Us

Find all you need online or in-store this Halloween. Our stores are located in Worcester and Hereford City Centres, but if you need assistance finding something specific, then give us a call.