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Jessica’s Sweets TikTok Highlights

Our TikTok famous sweets and grab bags are our best sellers and have been trending on our socials for some time. With thousands of chewy, fizzy and colourful sweets to choose from, Jessica’s Sweets has a huge range of flavourful treats that you’ve been seeing all over TikTok.

And it’s not only sweets we have in store, but we’ve also got drinks such as Prime in multiple flavours and fizzy cans in limited flavours. We stock savoury snacks like hot pickles, which was a recent launch with live taste tests from our team, and super sour candies and gums that make your cheeks tingle! We also have slush machines in our store, perfect in the warmer weather. We love sharing our treats on TikTok and other socials to see what it is you love best! If you haven’t seen our TikTok sweets, you should view our videos to see just how mouthwatering our products are!

TikTok Fun

TikTok sweets have been a craze for a few years now and millions of users around the world join in on swiping through videos of how they’re made, watching taste tests and Mukbangs, and enjoy seeing how companies package up their grab bag for delivery. There are even videos on how sweets and chocolate are made (so satisfying). TikTok is filled with trends and popular items that Jessica’s Sweets are completely on board for. We love sharing all we have in store for you and posting taste tests or pick-n-mix selections. TikTok has provided us with access to all those with a sweet tooth who share a love for sweets and haul videos for all our products. 

We have some brilliant suggestions for TikTok Sweets alternatives, so if there’s one treat you’ve tried and loved, you see what else we recommend that is similar in flavour and texture we think you’ll also love. You can also stay up to date with our latest products and offers that you shouldn’t miss!

We often go live on TikTok and reply to all your questions or suggestions for videos. We love to interact with you and do giveaways, so don’t miss out and follow us on TikTok.

TikTok Shop

Our bestsellers on our TikTok Shop have to be our trio grab bags of pick-n-mix selections. With the option to buy on our TikTok Shop, you can browse through our videos to find all the sweets we advertise and order from the app! Easy right? Our website has just as good a range too.

Our Cadbury Mis Shapes fly off the shelf and so if you follow us on TikTok, we can update you on when our popular products are back in stock.

New members can receive offers and vouchers for money off their first orders with us too! So make an account with us and stay up to date with our socials for offers and discounts!

TikTok Bundles

If you are a regular buyer, or perhaps you’re stumbling upon us for the first time and you want to try a range of our products in one buy? We have some brilliant bundles available for delivery that are great value for money. In these bundles, we have not only sweets but also savoury snacks, and packs of treats, including American brands and new limited flavours of crisps and chocolate. Our bundles are brilliant for seasonal bulk buys. If you’re struggling to get hold of affordable treats for your family and friends at Christmas, you can fill their stockings with a variety of products all bought from our online shop or TikTok Shop. Easter would be the perfect time to order bulk chocolate boxes or treats for Easter hunts. TikTok Sweets are perfect for endless reasons and occasions.

We sell bundles or ‘kits’ of items which work well together. A popular packaging video we enjoy making is the ‘sour pickle kit’ which consists of sour and tangy flavours of crisps, pickles, tangy gels, and sour-flavoured sweets of choice. Enquire about our variety of sour products in-store or reply to our videos on TikTok.

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Shop on our website and follow us on TikTok for more TikTiok sweet trends and updates on stock. Make an account with us and receive offers and vouchers with your first orders.

Get in touch with our team via our social media or give us a call. Alternatively, visit our stores in Hereford and Worcester.