Halloween Classics

Sweets are essential for the Halloween holiday. Having a bowl of trick or treat sweets ready for trick-or-treaters to knock on your door is always a good idea. Jessica’s Sweets can supply you with all the classic, spooky sweets that will get everyone in the mood for Halloween.

We have a huge range of flavourful and spooky sweets to choose from. Some of the typical Halloween sweets include Dracula teeth, Chewy pumpkin marshmallows, jelly filled brains, gummy eyeballs, jelly worms and toxic waste candy. Get your trick or treat sweets right here and delivered to your door!


Spooky Movie Night

Love a horror film marathon? We’ve got your snack covered. Make your horror experience all the more gruesome with our packs of trick or treat sweets. With jelly-filled skulls and red devils, you can feast on your sugary sweets and get cosy for a night filled with movies.

Halloween Grab Bags

Our infamous grab bags are available for Halloween! Filled with creepy sweets for your Halloween plans. Get in the spooky feel and order yours now!

Trick or Treat Sweets Ideas

There are many uses for our Halloween sweet range. Not only can you gift them out to people at your door, or feast on them while watching your scary movies, but you could use them to decorate cakes or biscuits! If you enjoy baking, why not pop a trick or treat sweets on top of a cupcake with blood-red icing?

If you’re feeling like tricking some guests or visitors, then you could have them dig their hands into a bowl full of trick or treat sweets that also include some fake spiders! Play some funny tricks and see your guests’ reactions. Halloween is the perfect time of year for sweets and treats (or tricks) and Jessica’s Sweets is equipped with everything you’ll need.

If you have a party for Halloween, you could gift a bag of sweets to your guests as they leave. We sell grab bags of ready-mixed sweets or you could choose some more traditional Halloween bags like candy corn, caramel apples, and bloody eyeballs.

Jessica’s Sweet Shop

If you’re local to our Worcester or Hereford stores, stop by to see us! We’d love to help you find a mix of sweets you can celebrate Halloween with. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable with our sweet range, and more than happy to find what you need. With our stock of Halloween and trick or treat sweets, we are getting in the spirit for Spooky Season. Be a little naughty and treat yourself this Halloween!

H4: Contact Us

Our online shop is constantly selling, however, and our full range of products are available online. If you have any queries, give us a call or email for enquiries. For more information on ingredients and allergies, please reach out to us to confirm our products.